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The Meaning of Sustainability for client wealth, investor returns and corporate profitability

About Arjuna Capital

Arjuna Capital is a division of Baldwin Brothers Inc., an SEC-registered independent financial advisory firm established in 1974.

Arjuna’s bricks and mortar presence includes Baldwin's green building in Marion, MA, as well as offices in Durham, NC and Taos, NM. Combined, Arjuna and Baldwin Brothers manage approximately $1 billion in client assets with a focus on individuals, families and the non-profit sector.

Our investment professionals are widely regarded as some of the most experienced and skilled analysts in the entire field of sustainable and responsible investing, with particular depth in the burgeoning discipline of ESG (environmental, social and governance) risk and opportunity analysis.

Our mission is twofold but integrated.  Through our research and activism, we seek to evolve the financial ecosystem by advancing an understanding of what sustainability means for investor returns and corporate profitability.  We bring the fruits of those efforts to our clients in the form of the most diverse, sustainable, profitable and suitable investment opportunities on offer.

We invite you to join us in our project of building and preserving wealth for our clients through enlightened engagement in the capital markets.

Our approach

Our approach at Arjuna Capital to investment management and financial planning is very traditional in the sense of putting clients first. We strive to develop long-term relationships with clients through active listening, over time forming a deep understanding of a client’s values, beliefs and objectives. Most of our clients have been with us for a decade or more.

Navigating these markets to create sustainable wealth building for clients requires continuous learning, a broadening tool kit and a nimble approach that reflects the speed at which our world and the markets are changing. We focus on long-term wealth-building, but marry that goal with an understanding of client risk tolerance and market realities.

In combination with our own sustainable strategies, Arjuna Capital partners with other investment professionals to bring sustainable investment opportunities to our clients from areas beyond our expertise, such as green real estate and sustainable fixed income.


Investment Approach

Successful investing requires a fresh approach in these challenging times.

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Enlightened Engagement in the Capital Markets

Economic vitality, environmental responsibility and social equity are mutually dependent expressions of a healthy society.

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