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Shareholder Engagement Update: 2Q18

Shareholder Engagement Update: 2Q18

This coming June, Arjuna has new proposals set to go to a vote of shareholders at Facebook, Google, and Twitter. We ask the firms’ boards to report to investors on ...
Barron's - Arjuna Capital - In The News

Barrons: Facebook shareholders force data privacy vote

Proud to see our joint filing with the New York State Common Retirement Fund in Barron’s, which requests Facebook to gauge and report on “the enforcement of its terms ...
Advisors Magazine- Arjuna Capital - In the News

Advisors Magazine: The warrior woman of Arjuna Capital

We’re delighted to see Arjuna’s work on gender pay equity featured in Advisors Magazine, along with a profile of our Director of Equity Research & Shareholder Engagement, Natasha ...
Financial Times - Arjuna Capital - In the News

Financial Times: Facebook investors demand answers over data scandal

Natasha Lamb, managing partner at Arjuna Capital, an impact investing firm, added: “[The revelations are] fundamentally troubling from the investor perspective, not only because the company has been so recalcitrant ...
Bloomberg Businessweek- Arjuna Capital - In The News

Shareholders Press Twitter, Facebook on Sexual Harassment

“Sexual harassment online is a threat to women and a danger to long-term shareholder value,” said Natasha Lamb, managing partner at Arjuna Capital. “If users feel unsafe on the platform, ...

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