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Bloomberg - Arjuna Capital - In The News

Bloomberg Baystate Business interviews Natasha Lamb

Listen to Natasha Lamb talk to Bloomberg Radio about Arjuna Capital’s efforts to champion pay equity and transparency, in light of Citigroup’s industry-leading announcement. Skip to minute 41 to ...

Natasha Lamb discusses Citibank on CNN Money

Arjuna Capital Managing Partner Natasha Lamb joins CNN’s Maggie Lake at the New York Stock Exchange to reflect on Citibank’s progress toward achieving gender pay equity and what ...
Bloomberg 50 - Natasha Lamb - Arjuna Capital - RADIO

Bloomberg 50 Red Carpet Special Radio Interview

Listen to Arjuna’s Natasha Lamb talk fake news and gender pay equity with Bloomberg’s Carol Massar and Julia Chatterly at the Bloomberg 50 gala dinner.     Natasha’s ...
Natasha Lamb - Bloomberg 50 - Arjuna Capital - In The News

Arjuna’s Natasha Lamb named to The Bloomberg 50

Proud to announce Impact Investment Manager Natasha Lamb named to “The Bloomberg 50” list – recognized as one of the 50 most influential people defining global business in 2017!   Check out the full ...
Natasha Lamb - MSNBC - Arjuna Capital - In The News - VIDEO

MSNBC: Natasha Lamb on fake news

Arjuna Capital’s Natasha Lamb discussed investor concerns over fake news on MSNBC and the hundreds of millions of Americans impacted by Russia’s election interference.

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