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Bloomberg 50 - Natasha Lamb - Arjuna Capital - RADIO

Bloomberg 50 Red Carpet Special Radio Interview

Listen to Arjuna’s Natasha Lamb talk fake news and gender pay equity with Bloomberg’s Carol Massar and Julia Chatterly at the Bloomberg 50 gala dinner.     Natasha’s ...
Natasha Lamb - MSNBC - Arjuna Capital - In The News - VIDEO

MSNBC: Natasha Lamb on fake news

Arjuna Capital’s Natasha Lamb discussed investor concerns over fake news on MSNBC and the hundreds of millions of Americans impacted by Russia’s election interference.
Shareholder Engagement: Election Interference

Shareholder Engagement: Election Interference

If Facebook, Google, and Twitter become dumpster fires of disinformation and hate, users will abandon the platforms as quickly as they joined them. Fake News On November 1st, Facebook, Google, ...
Shareholder Engagement Update: 3Q17

Shareholder Engagement Update: 3Q17

We know how critical the investor voice is to create change. And that change is not only good for investors, it is good for companies, people, and the environment. We ...
Natasha Lamb - BNN: This is Exxon’s watershed moment - Arjuna Capital - In The News - VIDEO

BNN: This is Exxon’s watershed moment

Use a Flash-enabled browser to watch Arjuna’s Natasha Lamb speak to BNN about the progress shareholders have made in getting Exxon to seriously consider carbon asset risk.   You ...

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