Source : The New York Times

NYT Opinion: Online advertising

This letter to the editor by OpenMIC (co-founded by Arjuna’s Farnum Brown) cites Arjuna’s recent shareholder proposals asking Google and Facebook to evaluate the effect of hate speech ...

The New York Times: Let’s expose the gender pay gap

HOW serious are we, really, about tackling income equality? The Securities and Exchange Commission took a shot at it last week, approving a rule that would require companies to disclose ...

New York Times: 3.6 degrees of uncertainty

After two weeks of grinding meetings in Lima, Peru, the world’s climate negotiators emerged this weekend with a deal. They settled on preliminary language, to be finalized a year ...

New York Times: A threat to internet freedom

The last few months have been critically important for the future of Internet freedom and access. The concept of “network neutrality” has been so central to our experience of the ...

The New York Times: Cutting back on carbon

Next week the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce new rules designed to limit global warming. Although we don’t know the details yet, anti-environmental groups are already predicting ...

New York Times: The right way to develop shale gas

Without proper action on methane, the social license to operate of the fracking industry sits on shaky ground. Literally. Our clients have been pressing natural gas companies to take action ...

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