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Natasha Lamb - BNN: This is Exxon’s watershed moment - Arjuna Capital - In The News - VIDEO

Bloomberg TV: Pushing for pay gap transparency at big banks

Last year Arjuna Capital’s Natasha Lamb led successful shareholder fights in getting tech companies like eBay, Amazon and Microsoft to be more transparent in disclosing gender disparity. Now she ...
Backchannel - Arjuna Capital - In The News

Backchannel: A tale of two commissioners

Like Nixon going to China, it took a former cable lobbyist to stand up to Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon and AT&T and regulate them. Digital guru Susan ...
The Huffington Post - Arjuna Capital - In The News

The Huffington Post: How we won net neutrality

This is what democracy looks like. That’s not something I thought I’d ever say about the bureaucrats at the Federal Communications Commission. After years of cronyism, corruption and ...
Forbes - Arjuna Capital - In The News

Forbes: If Comcast loses, millennials win

Last month, President Obama released a statement directed at the FCC in favor of net neutrality. In it, he threw his support behind reclassifying Internet service as a utility—a ...
The New York Times - Arjuna Capital - In The News

New York Times: A threat to internet freedom

The last few months have been critically important for the future of Internet freedom and access. The concept of “network neutrality” has been so central to our experience of the ...

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