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Sustainable Investing

We're pleased to share our thoughts on sustainable investing and our role in this changing world. These reports and articles are written by or otherwise connected to members of Arjuna's investment team.

  • The SEC rules in favor of placing Arjuna Capital's unburnable carbon proposal on Exxon and Chevron's ballots in May.  The proposals ask the companies to return more capital to shareholders, so to shift from growth to value in the face of global climate change.
  • The SEC rules in favor of placing Arjuna Capital's gender pay gap proposal on Amazon's ballot.  The measure will be voted on at the company's annual meeting in June 2016.  
  • Arjuna Capital filed 9 shareholder proposals this proxy season asking Silicon Valley to close the gender pay gap.  Proposals were filed with Intel, Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, Adobe, and eBay.  Our Facebook shareholder resolution is available here.
  • In Arjuna's July 2014 Market Outlook, Chief Strategist Farnum Brown explains why we believe the US stock market is not over–priced and the trend remains up.
  • In Arjuna's July 2014 Shareholder Engagement letter, Natasha Lamb discusses the investor momentum building to press the natural gas industry to account for what has long been a phantom carbon footprint - fugitive methane emissions.
  • In our October 2013 Market Outlook, Arjuna's Chief Strategist Farnum Brown discusses the breakout from a 16-year bear market in US stocks, leading to a more positive long-term investment environment.
  • How will fossil fuel companies fare in a low-carbon future?  - Arjuna Capital joins investors representing $3 trillion in the first-ever effort to spur fossil fuel companies to assess the financial risk climate change poses to their business under climate action and ‘business as usual’ scenarios.
  • Impact Investing for Small Foundations - Arjuna Capital's Bill Marvel and Adam Seitchik participated as Impact Investing faculty for the Association of Small Foundations (ASF) Conference in Albuquerque, October 2013. In this Fall 2013 article in ASF's Essentials magazine, Bill and Adam shared some of their thoughts on investing with impact.
  • The Internet Must Go - This Ford Foundation-produced mockumentary on net neutrality stars Lawrence Lessig, Tim Wu, Susan Crawford and other leading lights on the issue...with a cameo by Arjuna Chief Strategist Farnum Brown at 7 minutes, from the Whiskey bar in Durham, NC.
  • OpenMic investor letter on government surveillance programs - Arjuna teams with other investors to express serious concerns about disclosures regarding a number of leading technology and telecommunications companies and their participation in U.S. government surveillance programs.  OpenMic was founded and is chaired by Arjuna's Chief Strategist Farnum Brown.
  • Privacy and data security: why should investors care? - In this Guardian piece, Arjuna's Natasha Lamb teams up with Corey Johnson and Open Mic's Michael Connor to discuss the material risks privacy and data security pose to investors and what to do about it.  
  • UNEP FI Investor Briefing:  Portfolio Carbon - Natasha Lamb was on the United Nations Environment Programme Climate Change Advisory Group Project Team that developed this investor briefing on measuring, disclosing, and managing the carbon intensity of investments and investment portfolios.   

A Performance-Oriented Approach to Sustainable Investing

We integrate Environmental, Social and Governance factors into our investment approach to enhance returns and lower risk.  This performance-oriented approach advances the field of sustainable investing.