Investing in a sustainable future is simply smart investing


For too long, investors have been told that seeking environmental responsibility in one’s investments must come at the expense of financial return. And yet ExxonMobil’s stock returns, for example, have lagged behind those of the broad market for years. The best climate science tells us that, if we are to avoid cataclysmic climate change, up to two-thirds of all fossil-fuel reserves on oil companies’ balance sheets will have to be written off.

Shouldn’t smart investors take heed?

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We curate a set of strategies in the four quadrants of impact investing: public equity (stocks), public debt (bonds), and high-impact strategies in private market debt and equity. We offer fossil-fuel-free investing across asset classes, supporting the growing divest/invest/engage movement.

Public Equity

Sustainable stock investing

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Public Fixed Income

Sustainable bond investing

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Private Equity

Investing in the new economy

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Private Fixed Income

Lending to the new economy

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Our Clients

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We work with accredited investors to integrate their investments into the broader project of their lives. This requires an ongoing conversation about needs, hopes, concerns and values—about the kind of future they want to build for themselves and for society. We help clients harness their investments to that lifelong endeavor.
We have decades of experience working with institutions to integrate their investments with their mission. This often requires a formal process of clarifying the mission and defining ways to prudently express it in their investment policies. In our experience, this integration of mission and investment yields a more rigorous and robust institution.

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