Author: Adam Seitchik

Money in Place: Catalyzing Local Impact Investing

What follows is Adam’s chapter from the forthcoming book Conscious Investing, edited by Christian ter Braak-Forstinger. You can buy the book here: My work ...
Money Energy: a personal history, a necessary future - Arjuna Capital - Market Reflection

Money Energy: a personal history, a necessary future

Though I now see money energy everywhere, in my early life this powerful force was invisible to me. Like a fish in water, I swam in money energy without seeing ...

Impact Investing Tipping Point

After a decade in the trenches, signs of progress by Adam Seitchik, CFA, CIO of Arjuna Capital I went to Minneapolis this winter and something remarkable didn’t happen. I ...
Investments & Pensions Europe - Arjuna Capital - In The News

Garbage in, garbage out

Like all investment data and ratings, environmental, social and governance indicators need to be scrubbed clean and carefully analysed, writes Adam Seitchik Since I was appointed CIO of Boston-based responsible ...
Corporate Governance - Arjuna Capital - In The News

Why Lower Drug Prices Benefit Institutional Investors

An Application of Universal Ownership Theory Changes in prescription drug prices have broad ripple effects across the diverse portfolios that most institutional investors hold. Lower prices cut into pharmaceutical company ...
Climate Change From the Investor’s Perspective by Adam Seitchik - Arjuna Capital - Market Reflection

Climate Change From the Investor’s Perspective

Growing the Economy Through Global Warming Solutions Executive Summary Investments in clean technology, or “Cleantech” have exploded in recent years. The Cleantech Venture Network estimates that Cleantech is now the ...

Let’s Give Future Generations a Speculometer

Published in The Business (London), June 2003 I RECENTLY participated in a roundtable at the OECD in Paris designed to gauge progress toward restoring confidence in financial markets. As the earnest ...

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