CNN BUSINESS: The gender pay gap will remain until companies change their ways

The US Women’s National Soccer Team has ignited a fire and jumpstarted a powerful new movement for gender pay equity worldwide. Fresh off earning their fourth world championship, the team has turned their attention to a fight at home: the fight for pay equity. And it’s personal. Despite their winning record and ability to generate tons of revenue for US soccer, the women’s team players make a fraction of the income paid to the male players. But it’s going to take a ground game to get the results needed — and not just for athletes and celebrities, but for all women. That’s why leading US companies must be called to account.

The pay gap not only holds women back — making it harder for them to support themselves and their families — but it’s bad for business. It creates a structural barrier for building diverse, innovative and outperforming teams. Yet, at the current pace of change, it’s estimated that the gender and racial pay gap won’t be closed for a century.

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