Shareholder Engagement Update: 1Q21

As active investors, we are constantly examining how we can press for positive systems change. This moment is no different, as we look to address the racism and disinformation that threaten our democracy.

January 6th, 2021 was a historic day of hope and horror. In a razor-thin victory, Raphael Warnock was the first black man in Georgia’s history to be elected to the United States Senate. Jon Ossoff shared a similar victory, winning his bid as Georgia’s first Jewish Senator. That same afternoon, at Trump’s urging, a violent mob of conspiracy theorists and white nationalists donning confederate flags, a “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt, and a noose and gallows stormed the sparsely-policed Capitol to prevent the certification of a free and fair US presidential election. The insurrection leaves many of us stunned and fearful. Stunned that this could happen in our country and fearful it’s not over. The 117th Congress is the most diverse yet, equality is on the investor and corporate agenda, and the Black Lives Matter movement defined 2020, alongside a global pandemic. And, here we are, facing a second civil war—this one cultural—led by a pro-white, pro-Christian agenda. In other words: “Make America Great Again.”

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