Shareholder Engagement Update: 3Q20

For the last five years, we have been pressing our portfolio companies for racial and gender pay equity, greater diversity in the ranks, and greater diversity in leadership.

Black Lives Matter

This Fourth of July was different. While my family decorated our fence with the customary red, white, and blue banners, we also added black and white flags, Juneteenth flags, and Black Lives Matter signs. Like so many others we watched Hamilton after Disney+ ceremoniously released it to a broad and thankful audience on the eve of the holiday. And we reflected on the injustice that has plagued our nation since it was birthed on a foundation of slavery.

We are living at a time of accelerating change. Some of it welcome. Some of it unwelcome. All of it transformative. And how quickly our attention has shifted from the biggest global health crisis in the last 100 years to a near revolution calling for true racial justice. Out of the panic and desperation of the pandemic has come some needed medicine—a real look at the legacy and unfulfilled promise of our country. Coronavirus has done more than expose economic vulnerability and cracks in the system, it has moved people to action. Because the status quo is untenable. And the fantasy that we are living in a country dedicated to liberty and justice for all has been shattered.

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