SOCIAL VENTURE CIRCLE: NEXT Economy Live: Investing In What’s Next

Join Social Venture Circle for episode 40 of NEXT Economy LIVE: Investing in What’s Next. The conversation will bring together Natasha Lamb, managing partner and co-founder of Arjuna Capital, Sierra Flanigan of Coalesce and Julia Frost, Director of Marketing at Arjuna Capital as we explore the interconnections between our daily choices, our money, and our world.

What the coronavirus and Black Lives Matter has taught us more than anything is that we are all connected—perhaps much more closely than we thought. So often we talk about environmental health or social justice as concepts that impact some “other.” But the health of our planet and people impacts us all. So, what then? It is time to authentically own our actions and our influence. 

  • How do you take right-action in a morally complex world? (our daily choices)
  • How can you align your investments to be in right-relationship with humanity and the planet, while making money and having a positive impact? (our money)
  • What tools can you harness to remake Corporate America so it’s more equitable for all? And how can we build a just and healthy New Economy? (our world)

We describe the evolution of sustainable or – socially responsible investing (SRI) – as SRI 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. SRI 1.0 is the exercise of screening out investments that don’t align with your values. It creates internal personal alignment, but it does not change the world. SRI 2.0 is engaging in activism to change the status quo at the companies in which you invest. And SRI 3.0 is about investing in the new economy—those businesses positioned to thrive as we transition to more sustainable practices. At Arjuna Capital, we practice all three, but now is the time to focus on 2.0 and 3.0—changing how companies are currently run and building a new economy.

Watch the fireside chat here.

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