S&P GLOBAL: Amid racism protests, companies take to social media to disclose diversity

By Lindsey White, Kat McPherson, June 16, 2020

More companies are publishing race metrics in response to a social media campaign urging them to publicly report the number of black employees and executives in their organizations. This signals potential momentum in the historically slow pace of companies disclosing diversity information and offers further evidence of a rising emphasis on the “S” in the environmental, social and governance movement.

Corporate America reacted to the death of George Floyd and subsequent nationwide protests with statements condemning racism and pledging support for the black community. An Instagram account, @pullupforchange, called on companies to go a step further and “Pull up for Change” by posting information about their workforces.

The page has gained 115,000 followers since launching June 3 and received more than 125 corporate responses. Most are from cosmetic and personal care brands, which tend to have a large social media presence. S&P 500 companies, including The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. and Coty Inc., have made disclosures. The page’s founder, Sharon Chuter, is founder and CEO of cosmetics brand Uoma, a part of Ulta Beauty Inc.

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