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Our mission is twofold: Through our research and activism, we seek to advance the understanding of what sustainability means for investor returns and corporate profitability. 

We bring the fruits of those efforts to our clients in the form of the most diverse, sustainable, profitable and suitable investment opportunities on offer.

We work to build and preserve our clients' wealth while serving the common good through enlightened engagement in the capital markets.

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Click here to read the full Shareholder Proposal we have filed with Chevron.  And here's The Wall Street Journal on the troubling implications of the SEC's inconsistent decision to allow Exxon to block Arjuna's virtually identical shareholder proposal from going to a vote this spring.  

After over a decade in the sustainable investing trenches, Arjuna’s Adam Seitchik travels to frigid Minneapolis and sees the early shoots of some systematic change: Impact Investing Tipping Point.

In the News - The Washington Post, Guardian, Salon, and San Francisco Chronicle report on Arjuna's shareholder proposal to close the Gender Pay Gap at eBay.  

In the face of Gender Income Inequality, Arjuna Capital files first-of-its-kind shareholder proposal asking eBay to close the Gender Pay Gap, and in so doing, improve innovation and performance.   eBay's Board is opposing the proposal.  See the Press Release here.  

In Arjuna's January 2015 Market Outlook, Chief Strategist Farnum Brown reports that slowing growth around the globe raises risks for the US stock market, even as the US economy gains strength.

In Arjuna's January 2015 Shareholder Engagement letter, Natasha Lamb channels her inner Carl Icahn, arguing that ExxonMobil should return capital to shareholders rather than continue spending on high-cost, low-profit fossil fuel reserves.  

Arjuna Capital files first-of-its-kind shareholder proposal asking Exxon Mobil to return capital to shareholders rather than invest in high-cost, high-carbon projects in the face of global climate change.  See the press release here.


Carbon Tracker Report Debunks ExxonMobil's Denial of Carbon Asset Risk:  Arjuna Capital and As You Sow, who filed the shareholder proposal that prompted Exxon's "Managing the Risks" report, endorse Carbon Tracker's findings.

Arjuna's Natasha Lamb is joinedby Goldman Sachs' ex-Head of Risk, Bob Litterman, in this response to the climate risk report Arjuna Capital negotiated with Exxon:  Really?  Exxon Mobil left the risk out of its climate risk report.

Green America highlights Arjuna Capital's work on climate change in Best Shareholder Actions in 2014.  

In this New York Times' video--A Threat to Internet Freedom--the oft wonk-y concept of Net Neutrality is elegantly explained as a critical engine of innovation in our economy.  Arjuna Capital's Farnum Brown founded non-profit Open Mic to work to protect the channels that foster digital freedom on the internet.



Arjuna joined the White House Roundtable on Impact Investing announcing our commitment to invest with social and environmental impact!  Here is the release from Imprint Capital, our partner on the Arjuna Income & Impact Fund.  

Shareholders Press American Express for Transparency on Privacy & Data Security at the Company's annual meeting.  The vote was in response to Arjuna Capital's shareholder proposal asking for a "Transparency Report" on government requests for customer information and follows successful engagements with companies across the financial services, telecom, and healthcare industries on issues of consumer privacy.  

Occidental Petroleum Shareholders show strong support for Arjuna Capital's Shareholder Proposal to address potent methane emissions.  Arjuna Capital has similar proposals coming to a vote this spring at Southwestern Energy and Targa Resources. 

In a Landmark agreement with Shareholders,  ExxonMobil agrees to report on Climate Change and Carbon Asset Risk--the risk assets will be stranded in a low-carbon future.  Natasha Lamb authored a piece in the Guardian discussing the issue.  In this video, Natasha describes why addressing this risk is so critical.  



Arjuna files the first shareholder proposal asking Exxon Mobil to disclose their strategy to address Carbon Asset Risk--the risk assets will be stranded in a low-carbon future.  See the press release from Ceres' Investor Network on Climate Risk.   

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the FCC could not enforce "net neutrality" rules on Verizon and other Internet service providers (ISPs).  The decision turned on the distinction for the FCC between "information" and "telecommunication" companies. In this video Arjuna Chief Strategist Farnum Brown explains the distinction and why it matters to comedian John Wooley, who in this "mockumentary" pretends to be a hapless shill for the ISPs.

In light of global concerns over government surveillance, Arjuna Capital co-files a shareholder proposal at AT&T requesting Transparency Reports.  See press release by OpenMic, which was founded and is chaired by Arjuna's Chief Strategist Farnum Brown.

Arjuna Capital joins investors representing $3 trillion in the first-ever effort to spur fossil fuel companies to assess the financial risk climate change poses to their business.

We are delighted to announce Natasha Lamb has joined Arjuna Capital as the Director of Equity Research and Shareholder Engagement and a portfolio manager.  Here is the press release announcing Natasha's arrival.

Ford Foundation's recently released mockumentary on net neutrality includes a cameo by Farnum 7 minutes in.

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Arjuna and Enlightened Engagement

The name Arjuna refers to the fictional hero of the ancient Indian epic poem, the Mahabharata. In the poem Arjuna is a revered leader, skilled archer, and a champion of enlightened engagement in society.

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Our Investment Team

We believe that Arjuna Capital has put together the strongest team in the business to serve clients interested in a sustainable, enlightened approach to wealth building.

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