A thoughtful approach to risk and opportunity

Arjuna Capital works with high net-worth individuals, families and foundations to create a suite of sustainable investments that makes sense to and for the client. At the heart of these relationships is an ongoing, in-depth conversation about the ways clients want their money put to work. That conversation must be clear, candid, and—contrary to common practice—conducted in plain English.

A Leadership Team

with decades of impact investing

Arjuna Capital’s three managing partners together share an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience in sustainable, impact investing. With five decades of sustainable investing experience, our team understands that ideals without expertise can be hazardous to your financial health.

Farnum Brown, Ph.D Managing Partner, Chief Strategist

Farnum established one of the earliest sustainable advisory services in the country in the 1980’s. Prior to launching Arjuna Capital, Farnum served as Senior Vice President, Chief Strategist, and Technical Analyst at Trillium Asset Management, a pioneer in responsible investing. He founded the nonprofit Open Media and Information Company Initiative (OpenMIC), a shareholder coalition promoting an open, competitive digital ecosystem. He has served on the Boards of the Future of Music Coalition, the Public Media Company, the Nasher Museum, Duke Performances, and the Art of Cool Project, and received his bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Natasha Lamb, MBA Managing Partner, Director of Equity Research & Shareholder Engagement

Natasha works with clients to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into their investments, while engaging major corporations to improve their performance through shareholder activism. Named by Bloomberg Businessweek as one of the “Bloomberg 50” most influential people who defined global business in 2017, Natasha was also featured on the cover of the magazine in June 2017. In 2018, she was named to InStyle magazine’s ‘The Badass 50: women who are changing the world” list. Natasha has been profiled in Forbes, Fast Company, and the Boston Globe, while her work has been featured in Rolling Stone, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, as well as on NPR and CNN. In 2016, Natasha received the Upstart Business Journal Upstart 100 Award and the Aiming High Award from Legal Momentum for pioneering a shareholder campaign on gender pay equity. Her 2014 landmark negotiation with Exxon Mobil led to the company’s first public report on global warming and carbon asset risk. Natasha is a trustee of The Food Project and Chairman of the Crane Institute of Sustainability, host to the Intentional Endowments Network. She holds an M.B.A in Sustainable Business from Presidio Graduate School, where she taught sustainable investing for 5 years. Natasha received her B.A. cum laude from Mount Holyoke College.

Adam Seitchik, Ph.D, CFA Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer

A thought leader in sustainable investing, Adam was the co-CEO and CIO of responsible investment specialist Trillium Asset Management and founder of the Sustainable Investment Research Center. A frequent writer and speaker on sustainable investing, Adam is the author of Money Energy (The Gradient) and Climate Change from the Investor’s Perspective (Civil Society Institute). Adam holds a Ph.D. in economics and early in his career was an assistant professor at Wellesley College. Adam served as the Chief Global Strategist at Deutsche Asset Management in London, as a Portfolio Manager at Wellington Management in Boston, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is a past trustee of the Hyams Foundation in Boston and prior Chair of the Hyams Investment & Finance Committee and is on the faculty at Presidio Graduate School, a leader in sustainable business education.

Our Purpose

enlightened engagement in the capital markets

Enlightened investors understand that economic vitality, environmental responsibility, and social justice are all “bottom line” concerns. This is what “sustainability” means.

Arjuna Capital’s investment strategies seek to provide competitive financial returns while promoting a more vibrant economy, a healthier environment, and a more just society.

Join us. Invest in the world you want to live in.

Our clients' impact:

At Arjuna Capital, we work to empower investors with sustainable impact.

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The Arjuna Name

an enlightened path in a complex world

ArjunaArjuna is the hero of the ancient Indian epic poem, the Mahabharata. In one section of the poem known as the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna, a famed warrior, asks Krishna to help him determine the path of right action in a morally complex world. Arjuna is portrayed as a revered leader, skilled archer and a champion of enlightened engagement in society.

Our clients seek to invest in ways that further both their own financial wellbeing and the health of society. The epic figure Arjuna embodies both this more encompassing, enlightened vision and the skill to put it into effective action.

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