Total portfolio activation

Whether you seek to divest from fossil fuels, invest in the new economy, or engage some of the world’s largest corporations to adopt more sustainable practices, Arjuna Capital can help you activate a total investment portfolio for positive impact.

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Shareholder Engagement

pressing corporations for change

As owners of public corporations, investors have a voice. Our clients press for sustainable change through shareholder activism. Our leading-edge shareholder proposals make the case for why change is in corporations’ enlightened self-interest.

Gender Pay Equity

The Gender Pay Gap is not expected to close until 2058. Investors are not willing to wait that long. Following engagements with Arjuna Capital, Apple, Intel, Amazon, Expedia, and eBay have all committed to Gender Pay Equity today.

Gender Pay Equity is not only good for women, it’s good for business – paying women a fair wage is key to attracting and retaining top talent, fostering diverse leadership teams, innovation, and stronger financial outcomes.

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On Point: Will Data Help Close The ...

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Carbon Asset Risk

Big Oil needs to shrink. As investors, we think they should do it profitably. Society can’t burn all the carbon reserves we already have on tap without catastrophic climate disruption. So why waste investor capital looking for more?

Our latest engagements with Exxon and Chevron ask the oil giants to focus on shareholder value, not growth. For a growth plan will destroy value this century – and already has.

Our 2014 landmark negotiation with ExxonMobil marked the first time Exxon provided disclosure into how it is (or is not) planning for a low carbon future.

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An activist shareholder proposal seeking to have ExxonMobil (XOM)  produce a report on ...

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Net Neutrality

In a mockumentary titled “The Internet Must Go,” Arjuna’s Chief Strategist Farnum Brown explains Net Neutrality to a comedian posing as a hapless cable industry shill. Arjuna Capital has long advocated for Net Neutrality as a way to promote a free and competitive digital marketplace of ideas—whether political, cultural or commercial.

Fugitive Methane Emissions

Is natural gas a more sustainable fuel? Or do potent methane leaks render it worse for the climate than coal? Our clients filed the first shareholder proposals pressing companies to plug leaks, and in so doing, capture lost revenue.

Distributed Energy

Will rooftop solar threaten the viability of large scale fossil-fuel fired power plants? Nearly 40% of Entergy shareholders think management needs to incorporate distributed energy resources like solar and energy efficiency into its business planning.

Nearly 40 Percent of Entergy Shareholders Demand Clean Energy Transition; As You Sow, Arjuna Capital Resolution Seeks Distributed Resources like Rooftop Solar

Nearly 40 Percent of Entergy Shareholders Demand Clean ...

Nearly 40 Percent of Entergy Shareholders Demand Clean Energy Transition NEW ORLEANS, May 11, 2016 / PRNewswire – ...

ESG Impact

environmental, social and governance

At Arjuna Capital, we widen the aperture to include environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities in fundamental investment analysis. ESG risks and opportunities are often missed by the broader market. Research indicates that incorporating these factors can enhance long-term financial performance. At some point it won’t be called ESG investing. It will just be called smart investing.

Investing in the new economy

direct investments for change

A new, more sustainable economy is being built for the 21st century. From renewable energy to peer-to-peer lending and sustainable agriculture, Arjuna Capital has developed innovative strategies that unlock client access to a range of high-impact, high-return investments. More information about our private impact funds is available upon request for suitable accredited investors.

Private Market Impact Strategy

PrivateMarketImpact_LogoThrough our Private Market Impact strategy Arjuna clients seek to underwrite a sustainable future through long-term investing across a range of high-impact themes including renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, conscious commerce and economic empowerment. Diversifying across venture capital, real assets and long-term debt, our approach targets a 10-15% annual return with a 10-12 year commitment of capital.

Income & Impact Strategy

Income-Impact_LogoOur Income & Impact strategy constructs a diversified portfolio of private debt instruments that seek competitive yields while capitalizing entities with targeted, direct and positive social impact: from land conservation and solar power financing to fair trade finance and peer-to-peer lending. The overall target annual return objective is currently 3-4% net of fees.

Highwater Global Strategy

Highwater-Global_LogoThe Highwater Global strategy invests in high-impact public equities that provide products, services or innovative processes that contribute to human and planetary well-being. Highwater’s positive impact themes include Food and Human Health, Stewardship of Natural Capital, Responsible Finance and Sustainable Mobility.


the shift to fossil-fuel-free investments

The Divestment Movement has become a rallying cry for more intentional investing.  Know what you own.

At Arjuna Capital, clients have access to a full suite of fossil-fuel-free investments across the public and private, debt and equity markets.

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