Conscious Company Magazine July 2016

Conscious Company Magazine: How to Change the World

Natasha Lamb, director of equity research and shareholder engagement at the Boston-based investment firm Arjuna Capital, is on a mission to address the gender-based pay disparities prevalent throughout the tech ...

Rolling Stone: Did Exxon Lie About Global Warming?

Oil giant knew dangers of climate change and did everything in its power to deny threat of a warming planet At 9 a.m., ExxonMobil’s shareholders start to file into ...
2016 Aiming High

Natasha Lamb is a 2016 Aiming High Honoree!

The Aiming High Award is given by Legal Momentum, the oldest legal women’s rights organization in the country and the legal arm of NOW. Watch the video above for ...
Financial Times logo

Financial Times: The long twilight of the big oil companies

The Financial Times, aka the “Stockholders Bible,” endorses the strategy we have been pushing at Exxon and Chevron for the last 2 years through shareholder proposals. “Rather than investing in potentially ...

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