Why Facebook shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg out

By Natasha Lamb – May 16, 2019 Managing partner at Arjuna Capital As CEO, board chair, and the company’s most powerful shareholder, Mark Zuckerberg has too much control over Facebook. The danger ...
Shareholder Engagement Update: 2Q19

Shareholder Engagement Update: 2Q19

We seek to make our investors’ capital transformational capital, not incremental capital. Through the shareholder proposal process, we are raising our clients’ voices to call for change. Transformational Capital April ...
Market Outlook: 2Q19

Market Outlook: 2Q19

Should the initial signs of improvement we’re seeing here and in China prove out, and with the Fed remaining on the sidelines, 2019 could be very rewarding for investors. Whiplash ...

How to Marie Kondo your investments so they spark joy, too

Like so many this winter, I have been binge watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, spiffing up my sock drawer and feeling inspired to clear out those personal belongings ...

The New York Times: Why I Joined the Fight

THESE ARE UNSETTLED TIMES. As instances of discrimination, abuse and injustice emerge daily, more Americans are speaking out or asking elemental questions about how they can address issues such ...

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